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Shrek 4 Quiz!

Shrek 4 is a special swampy place for loads of people - how well do you know it?.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 29th 2024

From Shrek's humble swamp to the towering cities of Duloc and beyond, Shreks world is never simple, and with new characters come new challenges! So let’s jump in and see how well you know the final instalment of the Shrek series! It’s really on this time! Let's dive into the murky waters and see how well you do!


Where does Shrek live?


What do Shrek’s fans get him to sign?


What does Shrek do to this birthday cake?


How does Rumplestiltskin trick Shrek?

Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Does Donkey remember Shrek in the new world Rumplestiltskin creates?


When Donkey gets Fiona’s handkerchief, where does it lead him?

Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Who is Fiona’s pet in Shrek 4?


What does the Pied Piper do to the witches?


Who hands Shrek in?


Who rescued Fiona from the tower?

Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Oh dear! Perhaps you didn't quite hit the ogre jackpot this time around. But don’t worry, becoming a Donkey whisperer takes time and patience. Why not give it another shot? Take a moment to collect yourself, and just back into the fairytale quiz universe!

Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Way to go! You're doing awesome! You've journeyed through some pretty serious challenges and you’ve shown that you’re on the right path! Keep it up! But hey, there's always room to improve, even when you're doing great. Take a break, relax a bit, and get ready for whatever comes next! Why not have another whirl at this quiz and see what happens?

Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Wowzers! You're really getting the hang of this! You know almost all of the characters which is pretty impressive to be honest! But why stop here? Let's keep going and try the quiz once more to see if you can score full marks! Of course, if you’re tired of Shrek, there are loads of other quizzes for you to have a go at!

Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Boom- POW! You've absolutely crushed it! You're like a master of all things Shrek! Other characters from different tales would be amazed at your knowledge. You're living the dream! The swamp is safe and Rumplestiltskin has given up his evil ways forever! So, what's next? How about checking out some other quizzes? There's always something new to discover!