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Which Shrek 4 Character Are You?

With so many characters in Far Far Away, it’s time to find your bestie!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 3rd 2024

From Shrek himself to Donkey and all the others, there are a lot of different options! So why not sludge through the swamp of this quiz and see if you can find out once and for all which of them you’ve got the most in common with? It’s up to you on this adventure, so strap on it and let’s give it a go! Good luck! Watch out for ogres!

1/10 A bear in front of a collection of coloured candles

What is your favourite colour?

2/10 A dachshund holding a paintbrush – and there's a sloth chilling out in the corner too

What does your best friend want to be?

3/10 A sloth watches over a bee on a flower

If you could be an animal, what would you be?

4/10 A panda on top of a pile of vinyl records

What is your favourite type of music?


What do you look for in a fairytale sidekick?

6/10 A sleepy duvet headed person turning off their alarm clock

When do you wake up?

7/10 A person on a sofa watches a scary movie with popcorn

What is the scariest thing in Far Far Away?

8/10 Egg and bacon

What would you rather have for breakfast?

9/10 The world looking surprised

Where would you like to go on holiday?

10/10 A cat at night with lightning storm in the background

What happens at night?

Result: Shrek
Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson


Pow! You’re the main guy! Shrek is the star of the show of course, and that's a little bit like how you tend to see yourself! But that doesn’t mean you’re always right, in fact sometimes Shrek can be a bit stubborn - does that sound familiar? Although in the end Shrek always comes through and learns to listen to other people, just like you!

Result: Donkey
Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson


Yas! Excellent, what a result! Donkey is probably the greatest character of all of them in Shrek 4. He might not be the brightest, he might walk about on four legs and bumble into things when he stops concentrating, but he’s got a heart of gold and he knows to never leave his friends behind! Just like you, you’re one of the best friends someone could ask for, so what a great result!

Result: Rumplestiltskin
Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson


Oh dear! You’ve got Rumplestiltskin! This maybe isn’t the result you were after, but don’t worry - let’s think about the good aspects! At least Rumplestiltskin is clever and smart - even if he uses those smarts for evil! He’s pretty well dressed in his little booties? Okay, maybe this is a bad result…

Result: Puss
Dreamworks Animation | Aron Warner | Andrew Adamson

Puss In Boots

Awesome! You’ve got most in common with Puss! Now this fabulously fencing feline is one of the greatest characters in the who film series and knows never to give up! In fact this is one of his best traits, he never stops going, unless of course he’s got a furball stuck in his throat. His skill with a sword is unrivalled. A bit like you when you put your mind to something, the world is your oyster, bowl of kibbles - whatever really!