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15 Six the Musical Facts To Lose Your Head Over

How much do you know about this musical that remixes history into a modern pop spectacular? Check out these 15 amazing facts to find out!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  June 17th 2024

Henry VIII and his wives are some of the most well known figures in British history - but unless you've seen Six the Musical you've never seen them like before! This mega-succesful musical show takes a fresh look at the drama from 500 years ago - and remixes it for a young, modern audience! So read on to find out the hidden stories and bonus facts behind this amazing musical!

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1. It’s based on real history

Six the Musical | Toby Marlow | Lucy Moss

Ok, so the six wives of Henry VIII never had a talent show or formed a girl group - but the story of Six is based on proper, well researched history. What's really exciting about it is the new way that Six teaches history - and we'll talk more about that a bit later!

2. It’s about sisterhood and working together

Six the Musical | Toby Marlow | Lucy Moss

You can learn a lot of history from the show, but a theme throughout it is that women should work together. The six wives start off arguing, but soon realise that they have much more in common than they first think!

3. All the music is original

The score to Six is all original, and have won some big awards! Each of the wives get their own songs to explain their back story, but they all join in on 3 big musical numbers. One at the start, one in the middle and one at the end. They each bring their own singing style to the show! Oh, and the music is definitely modern - you won't find any lutes here!

4. Six wives, six pop stars

Each of the characters is based on a real historical figure - but they are also influenced by a real life popstar too! This helped the writers choose the music and personalities of each of Henry's wives. Let's meet each of the Six and tell you more about who they were based on!

5. Catherine of Aragon - Beyonce

Wikimedia Commons

Catherine of Aragon was Henry VIII's first wife, married to him from 1509 to 1523. Their breakup led to the birth of the Church of England because Henry had to split from the Church so he could divorce her. Six took cues from Beyonce - because it’s hard to think of a more regal Queen than Beyonce!

6. Anne Boleyn - Avril Lavigne

Wikimedia Commons

Anne Boleyn was wife number two for Henry VIII, and they were married from 1533 to 1536. She was executed after being accused of scandalous behavior and witchcraft. Six channelled Avril Lavigne into Anne Boleyn, as she was a queen who dared to defy convention.

7. Jane Seymour - Adele

Wikimedia Commons

Jane Seymour was Henry VIII's third spouse, but only held the title for 1 year. She gave Henry his first son, Edward, before sadly dying in childbirth. Six based their Anne Boleyn character on Adele - because of her sadness and strength.

8. Anna of Cleves - Nicki Minaj!

Wikimedia Commons

Anna of Cleves (also called Anne sometimes) was Henry’s next wife - who held the record for shortest royal marriage, clocking in at a mere seven months in 1540. She was a strong woman who Henry gave up on, and the writers of Six based her on Nicki Minaj!

9. Katherine Howard - Britney Spears

Wikimedia Commons

Katherine Howard, wife number five, was married to Henry from July 1540 to February 1542 - before she was also beheaded for supposedly having affairs. In the musical, Katherine Howard is inspired by Ariana Grande and Britney Spears!

10. Catherine Parr - Alicia Keys

Wikimedia Commons

Catherine Parr was the last and final wife of the Six - who married Henry on 12 July 1543 and was with him until 28 January 1547 when Henry VIII passed away. She was the lucky one - and she was inspired by Alicia Keys!

11. It's won lots of awards

The show has one 6 Olivier Awards, and 7 Tony awards - including for best musical, best score, best costume design, best choreography! It's easy to see why!

12. It's gone worldwide!

The original show is in London - home of Henry VIII and his wives, of course - but there have been shows put on in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and even on some Norwegian Cruise Line ships!

13. Divorced, beheaded?

The musical does talk about what happened to each of Henry’s wives - but importantly it doesn’t reduce them to just what happened to them at the end. Each of the Six was a real person, and they should be remembered as people, ot just as the wife of a powerful man. This is one of the things that makes Six so different!

14. There’s a mashup at the end!

Six the Musical | Toby Marlow | Lucy Moss

Now, we all know you shouldn’t take pictures and film theatre shows. But Six makes an exception! At the end of the show the Six do one last big mashup of all the songs in the show - and you’re allowed to take as many videos and photos as you like!

15. It’s a different way to learn about history

Six is full of great music, laughs and tear-jerking emotion. But most importantly it’s a different way to learn about history, that puts women’s stories first - and isn’t written by dusty old men in Universities. And because of this it’s really popular with younger people - girls and boys - who want to take a fresh look at how we remember the past!