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Southern Slang Quiz: How Well Ya'll Know It?

Howdy y'all! Are you hankerin' to do a quiz on Southern Slang? Well hold your horses, because we got just the thing! So have a go, and you might could get full marks!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 13th 2022

Are you fixin' to try a Southern slang quiz? Well I'll be! We've got just the thing, so give it a try! And if you like this, take our Geordie Slang Quiz! If you're looking for more quizzes on the US of A, why not find out Which State You Are? Or you even find out more about those Southern swamps with these Swamp Facts!

1/10 Woman in cowboy hat with Beano racoon

What do you think 'Y'all' means?

2/10 Iced tea with goofy face

What situation might you use 'Bless Your Heart' in?

3/10 Beans and question mark

What might 'Doesn't amount to a hill of beans' mean?

4/10 Smiling woman with Beano splat

If you're 'Fixin' ' to do something, what are you doing?

5/10 Dog making a mess with arrow

What's a 'Cattywampus'?

6/10 Cowboy boots and hat with Beano turkey

When might you use 'Doohickey'?

7/10 Two Beano pineapples sitting on rocking chairs

True or false: 'Bubba' can mean 'Brother'?

8/10 Fried chicken with Beano emoji

If you're 'Fit to split', you're what?


9/10 If you're going to 'The Pig' where are you going?

10/10 Farmer in cow shed with Beano cow

'Caint' is a Southern spelling of which word?

Lowest score image

Well gosh dang it, you scored low! Sorry about that, but don't throw a hissy fit, have another go!

Try again result image

Well, you ain't done too bad, but you could do better! So rather than getting madder than a wet hen, why not have another go and see if you score higher?

Well done result image

Nice work! I bet you're plumb tired out from all that clicking! You've done a mighty fine job, and you should be proud!

Highest result image

Well, I do declare! You've out done yourself with these top marks! Have a cold glass of iced tea to celebrate!