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10 Question Which US State Are You?

Does your Grown Up ever say “Look at you! You’re a complete state”? Now, when they do, you can reply with confidence and clearly name the state you are. All thanks to our 10 question which US State Are You Quiz. Use our our super-mega-computer processing powers and a Beano quiz writer’s basic knowledge of the USA to finally answer the frequently asked question Which US State Are You?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 8th 2022

Are you more California than Texas? Do you Delaware your heart on your sleeve? Maybe you’re more of a go-with the-Florida sort of kid? Perhaps, In the Maine, are you Kansas or Kannotsus? Have you tried quizzing your mum about what state you are? To save you time, Alaska. Then after you’ve recovered from that last pun, check out our Japan Geography Quiz and our The Ultimate Australian Geography Quiz and our The Ultimate Indian Geography Quiz too.

1/10 A person saluting next to the USA flag

Pick a motto:


Pick your favourite tree (not literally):


3/10 Pick your favourite animal:


Pick a nickname:


What’s in your net?

6/10 A mammoth in an icy environment

Pick an extinct creature!


Pick the word that you find most intriguing?


Pick a musical instrument!


9/10 Pick a state flag:


10/10 Favourite place to visit:

New York State