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The Ultimate Australian Geography Quiz

Test your Australian Geography knowledge with this bonza quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Australian Geography Quiz

1/8 Uluru

Where is this?

2/8 Canberra

What is the capital of Australia?

3/8 Kangaroo

Which of these animals is NOT from Australia?

4/8 Sydney

Where is this?

5/8 World Map

Which of these oceans surrounds Australia?

6/8 Crowd

What is the population of Australia?

7/8 Jungle waterfall

What is Australia's landscape like?

8/8 Road

How many miles across (wide) is Australia?

Bonza result

Bonza!ย You really know Australia, well done!

Nice result

Well done! You know a thing or two about Australia!

Try again result

Not bad, but you could always do better! Give the quiz another go!

Strewth! You don't know much about Australia! Maybe you're thinking of Austria? Never mind, have another go!