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The Ultimate Indian Geography Quiz

Test your geography knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Indian Geography Quiz

1/8 The Ganges

What's the longest river in India?

2/8 Indian city

What is the capital of India?

3/8 Indian Countryside

Which of these is NOT a province in India?

4/8 Crowd in India

What is the population of India?

5/8 The Himalayas

What's the name of the mountain range that stretches across northern India?

6/8 Ocean

Which Ocean surrounds India?

7/8 Map of India with arrow

What's the name of this country off the coast of India?

8/8 The Taj Mahal

What's this building?

Map of India with Pinapple and amazing on lined background

Well done! You know New Delhi from New Zealand!ย 

Map of india on lined background with nice and thumbs up

Good work! You know quite a bit when it comes to Indian Geography!

You might know one or two things but you could know a lot more! Try the quiz again!ย 

Map of india on lined paper with oh no, thumb and ink splots

Better luck next time! Why not do the quiz again and see if you can improve your score?