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Take Our Ultimate Geordie Slang Quiz!

Do you know as much Geordie slang as a magpie in a Newcastle United shirt? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 20th 2021

Everyone in Newcastle agrees that their accent is as pleasing as free pizza, a warm summer's day or trip to the cinema. But among the fantastic sounds Geordies make with their mouths, there are certain words which you wouldn't hear Cockneys use โ€“ or any parts of the UK, actually.

So how well do you know your Geordie slang? Are you as great as Newcastle United or a sausage roll sitting in a puddle? Take this test and find out now!

1/20 Weather Jokes

It's stottin' doon. I'm gan hyem.

2/20 A man in a black and white striped shirt celebrating a goal

That goal was purely belta!

3/20 A person who appears to be approachable

Can ah use ye netty, mate?

4/20 Two men shaking hands in front of the Tyne Bridge

Howay man, divvent be daft!

5/20 A man pointing at a church in Newcastle

How man, hoy us a pen!

6/20 A magpie whistling a tune

When will wor bairn dee as they're telt?

7/20 A woman scratching her head

Giz a deek!

8/20 A woman standing next to the River Tyne

Divvent be nebby!

9/20 Ant and Dec in I'm A Celebrity
I'm A Celebrity | ITV

Wey aye, man!

10/20 A brightly dressed woman hanging out with unicorns

When ye gan hyem, gan canny!

11/20 A monkey listening to music on a pair of headphones, with a map of the North East in the background

Howay pet!

12/20 A man eating spaghetti bolognese

If yuz are clammin', have a stotty!

13/20 A woman shrugging

Ah divvent knaa, like.

14/20 Two people laughing

Ah man, haddaway!

15/20 A woman enjoying some music

How, that lass is gannin proper radgie, like.

16/20 A man staring at something

That lad's a reet workyticket the neet!

17/20 A teacher points at a student

Had ye gobs lads and lasses!

18/20 A person reading aloud with a loudhailer

Had ya pash!

19/20 Woman in red beret

Ah, divvent bubble hinny, it'll be alreet!

20/20 A farmer standing in a field

Me boots are aal clarty!

Result: Oh no

Haddaway! Are you from Sunderland or something?

Result: Good try

Alreet! Ye did canny, like.

Result: Great work

Purely belta! Ye knaa ye Geordie slang, man.

Result: Wow

Wey aye, man! Ye the most Geordie lad or lass, like!