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Are You A Spelling Bee Champion? Take The Quiz

Bet you're buzzing to get going on this spelling bee! Test your spelling skills and see how well you do! Balthasar the Spelling Bee will guide you along the way!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 25th 2021

Hey! I'm Balthasar Bee (Don't ask, my mum had high expectations!) and I'm the Spelling Bee! I've put together a fiendishly fun spelling quiz to test your spelling skills! Can you ace it? If you liked these, I've got other spelling quizzes like this Ultimate Spelling Quiz, this Hard Spelling Quiz and even a Harry Potter Spell-ing Quiz! (Get it?)

Grinning bee face on yellow splat and honeycomb background
1/20 Balloon background with question marks

What are these called?

2/20 Tropical beach with dolphin and screaming pineapple

Where is this?

3/20 Wave crashing with pineapple in sunglasses

Which one of these is correct?

4/20 Confused woman on yellow background with splats

Which one of these is correct?

5/20 Word on honeycomb background

What letter is missing?

6/20 Some trinkets and an arrow

What's this?

7/20 Some bees together on a honeycomb and yellow splats

What sentence should the word 'hierarchy' be in?

8/20 Neon lights and question mark

Which of these is correct?

9/20 Smiling vegetables on white background

What's this?

10/20 Happy dog in bee costume on white background

Halfway through! Could this quiz BEE anymore fun? Which one of these is right?

11/20 Man in bowler hat in front of Union Jack with Beano pigeon

Which one of these is the British spelling?

12/20 Word on honeycomb background

Is this correct?

13/20 Arrow pointing to beehive with yellow splats

What BEE this? (Hehe)

14/20 People from the past enjoying a meal with Beano pie

What time period is this?

15/20 Man looking confused on yellow background with splat

Which one of these is correct?

16/20 Sea creature in tank with arrow

Who's this little guy?

17/20 Float in water with goofy face and yellow splat

What's this?

18/20 Question mark on yellow splat and honeycomb background

Where do you go for yummy food?

19/20 Dog in bee costume on grass with yellow splat

If you're BEEING silly, you're being...

20/20 Dog in bee costume on black background

If you don't wash your hands, you have bad...

Amazing result

Incredible! Or should I say, exemplary! Have some honey as a reward!

Well done result

Well done! You've surpassed expectations!

Try again result

You got a couple but I know you can do better! Try again!

Oh no result

Oh no, looks like it's back to class for you! Have another try and see if you score higher!