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The Ultimate Spy Ninjas Quiz

How much do you know about the Ninjas and their mission to defeat Project Zorgo? Take this ultimate quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/12 Ninja on laptop with derpy panda

Who are the main Ninjas?

2/12 Youtube Screenshot
Project Zorgo | YouTube

Who is the Spy Ninjas ultimate nemesis?

3/12 Ninja on latop

What's the name of the network that you can join to defeat him?

4/12 Roblox screenshot

Where will you soon be able to play Spy Ninjas?

5/12 Chad and Vy
Chad Wild Clay | YouTube

Which two Spy Ninjas are married?

6/12 Ninja with sword

How subscribers do the Spy Ninjas have?

7/12 Chad and Vy
Chad Wild Clay | YouTube

Where can you watch the Spy Ninjas?

8/12 Spy Ninjas screenshot
Chad Wild Clay | YouTube

What's the name of the song by the Spy Ninjas about Daniel?

9/12 Ninja with question marks

What's the Project Zorgo mask based on?

10/12 Ninja meditating with ice cream

Who's side is Daniel on?

11/12 Chad
Chad Wild Clay | YouTube

Which other Youtubers are the Ninjas associated with?

12/12 Ninja with yellow splats

Where do the Ninjas stay to hide from Zorgo?


Wow! You're a certified Spy Ninja with that kind of knowledge! Nice!


Well done! You really know your Spy Ninjas stuff!


Hmm, looks like you know a bit about the Spy Ninjas but you could do better! Try again!


Oh no! You're not from project Zorgo, are you? Let's hope not! Have another go and see if you learn any more!