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The Ultimate Stephen Mulhern Quiz!

Are you a Stephen Mulhern super-fan? Put your knowledge to the test with this blam quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 4th 2022

What would Saturday night be without Stephen Mulhern on our telly screens, watching him trying not to laugh at some of the more ambitious answers on Catchphrase? But how much do you know about this fun-loving TV host? Take our awesome quiz and see if you can get a perfect score!

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1/12 A blurred picture of a city and a magnifying glass

Where is Stephen from?

2/12 Stephen Mulhern as a child
@stephenmulhern | Instagram

When Stephen's birthday?

3/12 Stephen Mulhern and Holly Willoughby
@stephenmulhern | Instagram

Where did Stephen begin his career?

4/12 A magician holding a rabbit in a hat

Stephen is also a magician. True or false?

5/12 Stephen Mulhern dressed as a pineapple
@stephenmulhern | Instagram

Which musical has Stephen starred in?

6/12 Celebrity Stars in their Eyes
Stars in their Eyes | Endemol UK

Who did Stephen appear as in Celeb Stars in their Eyes?

7/12 Stephen Mulhern in a dressing room
@stephenmulhern | Instagram

Which of these shows has Stephen NOT presented?

8/12 Stephen Mulhern in a wig and moustache
Stephen Mulhern in a wig and moustache

Which instruments can Stephen play?

9/12 Stephen Mulhern dressed as a lobster
@stephenmulhern | Instagram

True or false: Stephen is a tap dancing champion?

10/12 Stephen Mulhern dressed as a packet of fries
@stephenmulhern | Instagram

How many siblings does Stephen have?

11/12 Stephen Mulhern in a gold jacket
@stephenmulhern | Instagram

Which one of these had Stephen worked as?

12/12 Signs of the Zodiac

What's Stephen's star sign?

Wow! You're a bona-fide Stephen super fan!

Nice work, you know loads about Stephen!

Not bad but you could improve! Try again and see if you learn anything new about Stephen!

Oh no! Looks like you're clueless about Stephen! Have another go and see if you do any better!