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20 Question Ultimate Catchphrase Quiz!

Can you guess these common phrases and sayings by looking at the emoji clues?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 9th 2022

Catchphrase is a very popular ITV show presented by Stephen Mulhearn. With the help of his yellow sidekick Mr Chips, he presents a series of idioms – phrases or expressions – and three contestants attempt to guess them, with varying degrees of success!

We've created 20 idioms using emojis and we want you to answer as many as you can. Once you've completed this quiz, why don't you try wonderfully wordy quiz? Test your skills with our Say What You See quiz or test your spells with The Ultimate Spelling Quiz! (And if it's Harry Potter sort of spells your after, you should probably check out The Ultimate Harry Potter Spell Quiz)

Let's go!

1/20 Catchphrase 1

Let's kick this quiz off with a straight forward question. What's this well-known saying?

2/20 Catchphrase 2

Ready for another?

3/20 Catchphrase 3

Can you answer the following correctly?

4/20 Catchphrase 5

What could go wrong here?

5/20 Catchphrase 4

What's this crafty meaning?

6/20 Catchphrase 7

What on earth does this mean?

7/20 Catchphrase 8

This looks like chaos. What's happening?

8/20 Catchphrase 9

This looks dangerous. What do you think this could be?

9/20 Catchphrase 10

We bet this emoji brought an umbrella to the quiz. What does it mean?

10/20 Catchphrase 11

What could this one mean?

11/20 Catchphrase 12

Want to earn another point? What's the answer to this one?

12/20 Catchphrase 13

What's the answer to this delicious question?

13/20 Catchphrase 14

What could this mean?

14/20 Catchphrase 6

This could end in disaster!

15/20 Catchphrase 15

What about this emoji conundrum?

16/20 Catchphrase 16

Can you tell us what this could mean?

17/20 Catchphrase 17

What about this tricky one?

18/20 Catchphrase 18

Tell us what this catchphrase is for another point!

19/20 Catchphrase 19

What's this lunch one all about?

20/20 Catchphrase 20

What an earth is happening here?

Oh no

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Not bad

Not bad! Why not have another go?


Great! That was an excellent run of correct answers! Well done.


Wow! You're an expert when it comes to idioms and Catchphrase in general!