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St George's Day Quiz: Dragon Slayers Only!

Do you know the true story behind St George's day? Why not test your knowledge of this special day with this saintly quiz!?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  April 24th 2023

St George's Day is celebrated around the world, and St George has got a long history. But how much do you know about the day and the saint that give's his symbol to the English flag? It's time to find out if you know your history with this quiz of epic proportions! What are you waiting for? Saddle up, there is a dragon to slay!


What colours are on St George's flag?


What did St George famously slay?


When is St George's Day?


Which of these countries DOES NOT celebrate St George's day?


Where was St George from?


The Real St George was a...


When did people start the story about the evil dragon?


Which of these is St George the saint of?


How does St George Travel?


Are dragons real?

Uh Oh? Hold on? Are we talking about the same St George? No it's not your friend from school, different George! Why not have another go and see if you can get a better score?

Not bad! You've done your research and it shows, hopefully you've learnt something new too! So wave your flag and get on your horse, it's time to celebrate!

Well done! You know your stuff, you should be really proud of your score! You can consider this dragon of a quiz well and truly done! Congrats!

Wow! You're the expert! Are you sure you're not actually St George? With a score like that I wouldn't be surprised if you knew St George personally! Well don, that's a great score and you should be very pleased!