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Extra Tricky Stadium Emoji Quiz For Sports Fans

Are you an expert on all things sports stadiums? Only this quiz can tell you for sure! Answer some questions and guess what these emojis represent!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 22nd 2022

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1/10 Emoji puzzle

Which English stadium might this be?

2/10 Emoji puzzle

This is a Welsh city with a famous stadium named after it - but what is it?

3/10 Emoji puzzle

Which stadium could this represent? (Clue: it's in Sunderland!)

4/10 Emoji puzzle

What sort of stadium does this represent?

5/10 Emoji puzzle

Which English stadium might this be?

6/10 Emoji puzzle

This is another Welsh stadium - but which one?

7/10 Emoji puzzle

Where is this?

8/10 Emoji puzzle

This is a Scottish stadium, but can you guess its name?

9/10 Emoji puzzle

Which Scottish stadium could these emojis represent?

10/10 Emoji puzzle

This famous Chinese stadium was used for the Olympics

Fail result

Uh oh, looks like you need to brush up on your stadium trivia! Have another go and see if you can get any right!

Try again result

You identified a couple of stadiums from the clues, but not enough to ace this quiz! Try again!

Good Job result

Nice job! You've clearly brushed up on your emoji stadium knowledge - if such a thing exists! Can you get full marks next time?

Top result

Woah, amazing work! If anyone ever needs to decode stadium names using emojis, they'll come straight to you! We're not sure WHEN that would happen, but you'd be the no 1 expert!