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Star Wars: Lexi Strikes Back

Dan and Ky think they're pretty slick with a lightsaber, but a jilted Jedi is always a Force to be reckoned with

In a galaxy far, far away… er, actually, this story begins a bit closer to home – but that doesn’t mean our stars don’t have wars of our own.

And these stars have a some serious beef with each other – because when Ky and Dan try to find some time to practice their Jedi mind tricks, they find Lexi keeps getting in the way.

So there’s big trouble in store for the boys, who can’t quite believe that anyone can know as much as they do when it comes to using a lightsaber – but seriously, how wrong can they be?

So if you want to know who wins in an epic battle of good virus evil – and see some pretty cool lightsaber fighting along the way, then you need to watch this movie!

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