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Stormtroopin' Star Wars Sequel Quiz

Star Wars is one of the greatest stories ever told - but how much do you know about the sequel trilogy?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 11th 2022

People love the story of Star Wars so much that there is an almost unlimited amount of Star Wars shows, comics and films out there - and we’re forever thankful for that! The story of the clash between good, evil, Sith and Jedi is one of the biggest and best in modern times - but how well do you know the sequel films and the tale of Rey and Finn?


What is this character’s name?


What was Finn before the rebellion?


What does Rey do to make a living?


What is the name of the last film of the trilogy?


Who does Rey train with on the island?


What is the name of the First Order’s superweapon?


On which planet do they meet Lando?


Name this droid!


What ship gets chased through a crashed Star Destroyer by Tie Fighters?


Where is the galactic casino?

Uh oh! It looks like you were a little confused between R2D2 and the former chancellor of the Galaxy there! But don’t worry, why not settle down on the sofa and load up the films again, and don't forget to bring along a notebook and paper and take notes!

Not bad! You've definitely watched the sequels at least once! But once won’t cut it in the deep dark and dangerous galaxy of the First Order! Why not pause for a second, consider your results and have another go! We’re sure you’ve got it in you to ace this quiz!

Epic! What a great score! Well done, you know almost everything there is to know about the wonderful world of Star Wars, Rey would be proud of you! All those sacrifices for the good of the people in the galaxy are paying off! Why not have another try and see if you can get 100%?!

You’ve done it! You’ve saved the galaxy! Or at least you know enough about the Star Wars sequels that if it ever did come to it you’d know exactly how to defeat the villains! You’ve got the passion, the skill, and a oneness with The Force to make it all the way! Well done!