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Star Wars Ship Quiz: Can You Make The Kessel Run?

There are lots of incredible ships in the galaxy, but how well do YOU know them?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 28th 2022

It’s time to power-up the hyper drive and travel the galaxy, but before that, you better know the ships that are out there! There are so many iconic and cool ships in the Star Wars galaxy that keeping track of them can be difficult, but if you think you’ve got what it takes then this quiz is for you! Strap in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


Name this ship…


Who does this ship belong to?


What is the name of Jango Fett’s ship?


Who flew Razor Crest?


Name this ship…


Name this ship…


Who lifts the X-Wing out of the swamp?


Name this ship…


What class of ships are triangular?


What is the name of the fuel in Star Wars?

Not bad! You’ve definitely been aboard some of the ships in the Star Wars galaxy, but you probably pressed the wrong button and ejected all your lunch out into the vast vacuum of space - so maybe there is space for improvement! Why not try again and see if you can do better?

Nice, okay, so you’re not quite a member of star fleet high command, but you’re getting there! It might be a little while before you’re allowed to solo-pilot an X-Wing all of your own but you’re heading in the right direction! Keep it up and you’ll get there! Why not have another go?

Good score! You know the difference between a Tie-Fighter and an X-Wing, well done, but that would be quite important if you were fighting against the evil Galactic Empire after all! You’ve done really well here, and you can always have another go if you wanted to get 100%, but there are loads of other amazing Star Wars quizzes on the site just waiting for you too!

Epic! Full marks! Now that’s seriously impressive! With your knowledge of the ships in the Star Wars galaxy we wouldn’t be surprised if you could make the Kessel Run in under 3 parsecs, which is frankly off the chart! Well done! Why not have a look at some of our other Star Wars quizzes and see if you can get 100% on them too?