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Steven Universe: Welcome to Beach City

Take a tour round Steven's town!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 15th 2017

Welcome to Beach City on Planet Earth! Let's go on a tour of some of the best spots.

Check out this handy map of Steven's hometown

Steven and the Gems' House

The huge temple at the end of Beach City belongs to the Crystal Gems and that little house bit at the bottom is where Steven lives. The Gems' temple holds lots of untold secrets, while Steven's house is full of games and snacks.

It's a car wash!

This is the town car wash owned by Steven's musical dad. It's a great place to come and chill, to listen to all kinds of music, tell some stories, or take guitar lessons from the former rockstar himself, Greg Universe.


Beach City Funland is the local theme park, with all kinds of rides, amusements, and food stalls. You might even run into Stephen and Connie on the bumper cars.

Beach City is the best!