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Strictly Come Dancing Quiz: Which Dancer Are You?

Fancy yourself as a foxtrot fanatic? Find out which Strictly dancer is most like you with this quick-footed TV quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
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Pick a pop star:

aj11ace | instagram

Pick a dancing style:

otimabuse | instagram

What else are you good at, besides dancing?


What did you do for Christmas last year?


What do you eat to prepare yourself for dancing?

theantondubeke | twitter

What does your hair look like?

aj11ace | instagram

Who would you rather dance with?

dianebuswell | instagram

What's your LEAST favourite dance?


Do you ever dance badly, just for fun?

dianebuswell | instagram

Pick a fancy dress costume:

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

You're Anton du Beke!

You're a Strictly legend! You've been on the show for years and years, and have danced with TV presenters, Eastenders stars...oh, and Anne Widdecombe! Nice.

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

You're AJ Pritchard!

You're the youngest dancer on Strictly, AJ Pritchard! You're a big fan of extreme sports like snowboarding, but are most comfortable being watched by millions of people dancing about on TV. Something weird about that...

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

You're Diane Buswell!

You're the fun-loving Aussie Diane Buswell! You're a champion dancer down-under, and have even danced your way to the grand final of Strictly with Joe Suggs.ย 

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

You're Oti Mabuse!

You're the South African dancing champ Oti Mabuse! You specialise in Latin styles and have travelled the world earning trophies and medals. You've even been a judge on the German version of Strictly!

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