Stuck at Home Fortune Teller - What Should I Do Today?

Ask the Great Zorbo for some boredom-busting tips from the spirit world!

One question has bothered humankind for thousands of years... what on earth should I do today?

You could just do something you know you like, but that's a bit boring. So, why not put your trust in this totally not-dodgy magic ball instead?

Enter Zorbo the Soothsayer! *Thunderclap*

 "I am Zorbo. I see the past, present, and the future up to next week. I can communicate with ghosts, the dream world, and (for an extra fee) goldfish. I shall solve thine riddle."


I sense a presence in this room. Do you have any pets?


A strange vision comes to you in a dream. Tell me my child, what do you see?

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Pick a card, any card:


Intriguing. And what do you see in this old teabag?


What's written inside this Fortune Cookie?


Which of these objects has the greatest spiritual power?


The spirits are talking to me... They say someone in your family eats crisps sometimes. Maybe once a week, but could be more. Or less. Am I correct?


The spirits have chosen this card. What could it mean?

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