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Studio Ghibli Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

How well do you know the films of this incredible animation studio? You might have seen Porco Rosso and Spirited Away, but what about all the others?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 21st 2022

Most people know about Studio Ghibli, but are you a cut above the rest?

Do you know your Dust Spirits from your talking raccoons? There's only one way to find out and that's with this anime-tastic quiz! Test your knowledge of the amazing films of Studio Ghibli and find out for yourself!


Where is Studio Ghibli from?

Kiki's Delivery Service | Studio Ghibli | Hayao Miyazaki | Hayao Miyazaki

What animal is Kiki's pet?


What's the name of this character?

Howl's Moving Castle | Studio Ghibli | Toshio Suzuki | Hayao Miyazaki

Howl's Moving .....

Spirited Away | Studio Ghibli | Toshio Suzuki | Hayao Miyazaki

What are Chihiro's parents turned into?


What is the vehicle in My Neighbour Totoro?


Name that film!


What are these creatures called?

Princess Mononoke | Studio Ghibli | Toshio Suzuki | Hayao Miyazaki

What animal does Princess Mononoke ride?


What is Kiki's cat called?

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Uh Oh! Looks like you need to go back to Studio Ghibli school. Don't worry though, you can always try the quiz again!

Good effort, you nearly got them all! Remember you can always try again, practice makes perfect after all.

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Very nicely done - you really know your stuff! But remember, win or lose, Totoro would be super proud of you.

Wow! You're a genius, you really know your dust-spirits from your flying pigs, congrats! I see a win-streak coming along!