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Summer 2017’s Best Movie Moments!

It's been a great summer for movies, and here are some of the best bits!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 2nd 2017

1. Spider-Man: Homecoming!

It was great to finally see a young, funny Spider-Man up on the big screen – and if that wasn't enough, he was played by a British dude!

Marvel Studios

And Captain America's cameo in it!

It turns out even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (trademark probably), schools make you watch rubbish old videos on bad TVs!

Marvel Studios

2. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2!

Space's coolest bunch of rag-tag misfits got even cooler this summer, and there wasn't a dry eye in the cinema after Yondu's big ending! Sob!

Marvel Studios

And Baby Groot's dancing in it!

Like, that's RIDICULOUS. Nothing should be that cute.

Marvel Studios

3. Despicable Me 3!

There's just something about ridiculous yellow idiots that's just incredibly watchable!

Universal Pictures

And its ridiculous baddie!

An '80s-obsessed former child star who's trying to dance-fight his way to global domination? That's stupidly amazing!

Universal Pictures

4. Wonder Woman

Superman can keep his silly cape, Batman can keep his dorky tool belt – Wonder Woman's shield and lasso are so much cooler!

Wonder Woman

And her insanely intense action scenes!

Everyone in the cinema was tense and sweaty during them! And it was so LOUD!

Wonder Woman

5. Beauty And The Beast!

Emma Watson will always be Hermione to us, but it turns out she's also an excellent Belle! Ding dong!

Beauty and the Beast

And the strange brilliance of a beloved cartoon becoming real!

<sobbing right now>

Beauty and the Beast

6. Cars 3!

It was better than part 2 (and what isn't?), and possibly even better than the first one! That never happens!

Cars 3

And how unexpectedly emotional it was!


Walt Disney

7. Captain Underpants!

It turns out Dav Pilkey's illustrations actually translate really hilariously into 3D! 

20th Century Fox

And its perfect recreations of the books' Flip-O-Ramas!

They're one of the best things about the Captain Underpants books, so seeing them on the big screen was incredible!

Dav Pilkey via Naver

8. The fact that Patrick Stewart voiced Poop in The Emoji Movie!

His posho Shakespearian tones coming out of a poo... Incredible!

And he was really proud of it!

What a weird, weird, great summer.

Patrick Stewart  really stoked about the poop thing