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Summer of Adventure โ€“ Cave Quiz

How much do you know about cool caves, and how prepared are you to explore them? Find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 2nd 2021

Caves are some of the coolest and most mysterious places in the world! But how much do you know about them, and how will you do when you go exploring? Take our ultimate cave quiz and find out now!


You want to go cave exploring! Which of these should you bring?


Who do you bring with you?


What sort of cave is this?


Do stalagmites grow up or down?


5/10 Where is Wooky hole?


Why is cave diving so dangerous?


What's it called when you explore caves?


What should you do if you find a cave-dwelling animal while your exploring?


Which of these is a good tip for cave exploring?


What's another name for a man-made cave?

Amazing! You're fully cave capable! Get ready for some cave adventures!

Well done! You're ready to cave!

Hmm, you're aware of caves but you need to know more than that before you start exploring! Try again!

Uh oh, looks like someone's clueless when it comes to caves! It's not safe for you to enter yet, so try this quiz again and see if you improve!