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Summer of Adventure - How To Draw an Ice Cream!

They're delicious to eat and simple to draw - plus, your art skills could win you a big prize!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 23rd 2022

Ice cream! It’s pretty delicious – now you can learn how to draw it with Beano and you can invent some AMAZING flavours. P

So, want to give it a go? Here’s what to do…

First things first...

Get some stuff to make some art with. We're using coloured pens but you can use whatever inspires you to get creative - pens, paper, pencils, glue, jam, charcoal, ketchup, sticky, an old sausage. Pick whatever you want and make yourself comfy. Okay, settled now?Well then, we’re ready to draw!


Draw a triangle. It can be any colour you want – this will become the ice cream cone. Mmm, delicious cone.


Okay, after drawing a thin line at the wide end of the triangle, draw some diagonal lines on the main bit of your triangle to give it a criss-cross effect. And don’t worry if you get it wrong! You can always have another go…


Right, for this bit you can start drawing the ice cream! All you need to do for this bit is draw some wavy lines – a bit like a cloud, or a very fluffy dog, maybe.


This is the tip of the ice cream! It looks a bit like the fringe on someone’s hair, but it’s a lot more delicious. And well done, because you’ve just drawn an ice cream! But what flavour is it? Well, you can decide and it could be absolutely anything.


Get creative! You could make your ice cream any flavour imaginable! Strawberry and chocolate sauce with sprinkles? No problem! Or want some more inspiration? You could choose...

Tentacle flavour

Perfect if you're a lizard or just someone who likes tentacles. Watch out... it's wriggly!

Awesome flavour!

Let your imagination run wild and your tastebuds will thank you. Stars, rainbows, sparkles - how much can you fit in?

Erm... we're not sure about this one!

Well, we did say ANY flavour! All this art work has left us pooped.

Next up, we're off to the Jittery Jungle. Come back here soon to join the party...