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Summer Survival: What type of video game are you?

What do you answers say about what sort of video game you are? Find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Summer Survival: What type of video game are you?

1/10 Man with his tongue out on blue background

How would your friends describe your personality?

2/10 Woman looking puzzled on white background

Pick a Hogwarts house

3/10 Man running on white background

How good are you at running?

4/10 Man looking puzzled on grey background

Pick an action hero

5/10 Board game with pieces

Pick a board game

6/10 Row of pineapples on a beach

What's your ideal holiday?

7/10 Woman screaming on grey background

Would you describe yourself as brave?

8/10 Stamps

Pick something weird to collect

9/10 Strawberry on white background

Pick a flavour

10/10 Flamingos on beach

Pick an animal

Action game result
Fortnite | Epic Games

Action games!

You're Action games! Like Fortnite, you're full of energy and you love to be challenged! You love creating stuff and teaming up with your friends!

Communication games result
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Communication games!

Like Animal Crossing, Sims and other social games, you love hanging out with friends and creating cool worlds to live in! You're a people person and everyone likes you!

Puzzle games result
Candy Crush Saga | King Digital Entertainment

Puzzle Games!

Like puzzle games like candy crush, you're super smart and love to be challenged! You're brainy and you have a really good eye for detail! 

Platform game result
Mario | Nintendo

Platform Games

You're platform games! Just like Mario and Sonic, you love jumping from place to place picking up points! You love a challenge and being outdoors! You're full of energy and love sports!