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Summer Survival: Which Jungle Movie Are You?

Are you a Jungle Book or a Tarzan?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Summer Survival: Which Jungle Movie Are You?

1/10 Woman and child feeding elephant at zoo

What'[s the first thing you do when you get to the zoo?


2/10 Pick a treehouse

3/10 Beetle on log

What most scares you about the jungle?

4/10 Jungle with question marks and rubber chicken

Pick a famous jungle

5/10 Sloth in sunglasses

Pick a jungle animal 

6/10 Woman with backpack in front of mountains

Pick a famous explorer 

7/10 Someone packing a suitcase

What would you pack for the jungle?

8/10 Man and woman watching tv and eating popcorn

Pick a jungle tv show

9/10 Tarantula on log with pineapple

You come across a giant tarantula in the jungle - what do you do?

10/10 Camera and camera man with smiley emoji and question marks

Would you go on 'I'm a Celebrity'?

The Jungle Book Result
The Jungle Book | Walt Disney Studios | Walt Disney | Wolfgang Reitherman

The Jungle Book

You're The Jungle Book! You're a classic who's lots of fun. You've got everything - a tiger, a bear, an orangutan who sings. Everyone loves you because you're so much fun!

Tarzan Result
Tarzan | Walt Disney Studios | Bonnie Arnold | Kevin Lima, Chris Buck


You're Tarzan! You might seem a little rough around the edges but people soon learn your great! You like nothing better than hanging with your mates and meeting new people!

Jumanji Result
Jumanji | Sony Pictures | Matt Tolmach, William Teitler | Jake Kasdan


You're Jumanji! You love nothing better than a challenge! You're always on the go and excel at sports and challenges. It's never dull when you're around!

Madagascar Result
Madagascar | Dreamworks | Mireille Soria | Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath


You're Madagascar! You're more likely to be found in the concrete jungle than the actual jungle, but that doesn't mean your any less wild! You love exploring new things and always follow your heart!