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SunlessKhan Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Are you Sunless's biggest fan? Prove it with a top score in this rocket-charged trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 10th 2023

If Rocket League is one of your favourite games, you probably know YouTuber SunlessKhan! With over 2 million subscribers and 6 million views, he's at the top of his game! But do you know everything about him? Let's see how you do in this awesome Sunless trivia quiz! We've got more Rocket League stuff for you, too - try our Rocket League Sideswipe quiz, or see how well you know amustycow!

1/10 A victorious gamer

What game is SunlessKhan famous for playing?

2/10 SunlessKhan playing a video game
SunlessKhan | YouTube

What's his real first name?

3/10 A happy baby crawling on a soft rug

What year was he born?

4/10 An astrology themed structure

And what's his starsign?

5/10 Two dogs taking a break in a country lane

What are his dogs' names?

6/10 A futuristic city skyline

What is the name of the esports organisation Sunless co-founded?

7/10 SunlessKhan setting up his streaming tech equipment
SunlessKhan | YouTube

What esports organisation did he used to create content for?

8/10 Two hands holding wooden blocks - one has a tick and the other has an X

He is only the second Rocket League YouTuber to reach over 2 million subscribers - true or false?

9/10 A woman working on a laptop

What amazing feat did Sunless do in November 2021?

10/10 A scene from Rocket League
SunlessKhan | YouTube

What video series kicked off Sunless's popularity in the Rocket League community?

Result: Oh no

Oh no, looks like you're not quite SunlessKhan's biggest fan! Maybe get back on YouTube and see if you can bring your score up!

Result: Not bad

Not bad! You're a casual SunlessKhan fan. Maybe get back on YouTube and see if you can bring your score up!

Result: Good job

Good job! You're clearly a SunlessKhan fan. Maybe give it another go to see if you can make your score PERFECT!

Result: Wow

Wow, looks like you're the ULTIMATE SunlessKhan fan! Are you actually the man himself?