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Swamp Snakes with Jack Randall and Joe Sugg

Join Jack and Joe as they discover what's on the menu for some seriously ravenous reptiles

Here at Beano HQ, we’re always looking forward to lunchtime – mainly because we’re not snakes.

And we’re not just talking any snakes, we mean swamp snakes – pit vipers, reed snakes and the unluckily named slug-eating snake!

Yep, these wriggly critters don’t get to chow down on biccies and burgers like the rest of us – in fact, they’re happier feasting on worms, slugs – and the occasional millipede (if they can get past its tough exoskeleton, that is! Have you tried eating millipede recently? It’s not as easy as it sounds!).

But to be honest, as gross as it sounds, a diet of swampy things probably isn’t so bad if you’re actually a snake yourself – as Jack Randall finds out in this episode of Extreme Animals!

So if you want to find out what’s on the menu for these ravenous reptiles, check out the video now – just make sure you’ve had your dinner first.

When you’re done here, give our sassy swamp snake quiz a go!