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Take Our Epic 3 Times Tables Quiz!

How well do you know your three times table? Three times as well as the others? We hope so! Take our quiz and test your knowledge on everything 3 related! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 30th 2021

All the best things in life come in threes, right? Are you ready to take on our epic three times table quiz? Of course you are! Test your knowledge here and see how much of the three times table you've learned! Can you get 20/20? Good luck!

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1/20 Maths question

Let's start super easy: What's 0x3?

2/20 Some llamas on a tropical beach

If Lionel Llama want to share his 12 coconuts with three friends, how many coconuts each does everyone get?

3/20 Maths question

What's 1x3?

4/20 Rowing boat full of sheep with arrow

There are five boats and each one has 3 sheep in them - how many sheep are there? (Don't ask me why they're in the boats)

5/20 Maths question

What's 2x3?

6/20 Maths question

What about 3x3?

7/20 Question mark on jellybean background

If I have 33 jellybeans, how many people could I give three each to?

8/20 Maths question

What's 4x3?

9/20 Maths question

What about 5x3?

10/20 3 with question marks and splats on blue background

True or false: The 3 Times Table is the only one where none of the answers are even numbers?

11/20 Maths question

What's 6x3?

12/20 Beluga whales in the sea

If I have 36 fish and 3 beluga whales, how many fish does each whale get?

13/20 Maths question

What's 7x3?

14/20 Maths question

What about 8x3?

15/20 Monkeys and goofy bananas

If there are three monkeys and each one has 5 bananas, how many bananas total is that?

16/20 Maths question

Getting tricky now...what's 9x3?

17/20 Maths question

What about 10x3?

18/20 Giraffes on the Savannah and tangerine on face

There are 18 tangerines and 6 giraffes. How many tangerines does each giraffe get?

19/20 Maths question

What's 11x3?

20/20 Maths question

Final bonus extra tricky question! What is 12x3?


woo, incredible stuff! You know the three times table like the back of your hand! So we hope the answers weren't written on there...well done!


Nice job! You've obviously been practising your three times table!


Well, you know SOME of the three times table, but not enough! Try again!


Oh noooo looks like you need to hit the books and try again! Never mind, we believe in you!