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Take our Epic Six Times Tables Quiz

Of all the types of table, including picnic tables, dinner tables and coffee tables, our definite favourite is the mathstastic six times table.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 30th 2021

When it comes to the six times table, not only are all the answers divisible by six… but also every question has the number six involved somewhere. Plus it’s exactly the right amount of difficulty.. The three times table is way to easy and the eight times table is really difficult…So if you’re looking for some Maths revision Beano Style or simply hoping to impress your grown-ups with some out-of-character Maths work then this epic six times table quiz is for you. And if this quiz is too easy check out our corner-based Maths quiz or our brainbusting Year 4 Maths Test. Then afterwards relax with a cool glass of lemonade and a multitude of Maths jokes to keep you chuckling as your brain recovers!



If you have 3 cars and each car contains 6 penguins. How many penguins do you have?


A chocolate bar is 6 squares long and 4 squares across, how many squares of chocolate do you have?


What is 12 x 6?


There are two football teams playing each other in a six-a-side tournament. How many players are on the pitch?


What is 6 x 0


8 x 6 is famously the hardest question in the six times table. What is the answer?

7/20 Minecraft wolves
Minecraft |

There are 11 packs of wolves in the forest. Each pack has 6 members. How many wolves in the forest?

8/20 Double yolk egg

Jacob Bumscratch has six egg boxes. Each box contains 6 eggs. How many eggs does Jacob have?


What is 5 x 6?


An evil cheesemonger scatters poisoned cheese crumbs outside the holes of seven families of mice. Each family of mouse has six members. How many mice are in danger?


Which of these numbers isn’t an answer on the six times table?


What is 10 x 6


What is 9 x 6

14/20 A pile of apples

You are selling apples for 6p each. You sell 2 apples. How much money do you make?

15/20 Brussels sprouts

You have 12 guests for a posh dinner party. Each one is served only 6 sprouts. How many sprouts do you need?


What is 5 x 6


You have eight ants. Each ant has six legs. How many legs in total?


Which of these numbers isn’t an answer on the six times table?


Getting tricky now… What is 13 x 6?


Getting super tricky now! What is 113 x 6

Unlucky. The six times table is very hard! Have another go or try writing it out first to help you along the way!

Not bad at all.

Excellent score. Your Maths skills are AWESOME! Try again to get Professor level

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