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Take Our Super Brain and Nervous System Quiz

How much do you know about your brain and nervous system? Don’t be NERVOUS, you’ll do great! Test yourself on everything brain and nerve related! Good luck!

Do you have the nerve to take this quiz? Our brains and nervous systems are vital to making our bodies work – but how much do you know about yours? Take our super quiz and see if your brain knows anything about your brain! If you enjoyed this, you can always try our Ultimate Biology Quiz. We’ve also got this Super Solar System Quiz if you want something more out of this world! And for more on the body, try this Life Sciences Quiz! Good luck!


True or false: The brain is the biggest organ in the body?


What does the nervous system do?


Which of these is NOT a part of the brain?


What's the name of the bones that make up the spinal column?


What links the brain and the nervous system?


What is a neuron?


True or false: the brain is a muscle?


What does the cerebrum do?


Where is the brain stem?


Which animal has the biggest brain?


What's the name of the neuron that enables us to move, breathe and speak?


Where is the pituitary gland?


Where is the periphery nervous system?


Why is nerve damage often permanent?


What does the optic nerve connect?


How many neurons does the brain have?


What does the brain do while you're sleeping?


The hypothalamus is roughly the size of what?


How many pairs of cranial nerves are there?

20/20 A man with a bunch of balloons with a kitten about to ruin the lot

How much of the oxygen we breathe in does the brain use?

You brainiac! You're a genius when it comes to the brain and nervous system! Good work!

Wow, are you a doctor??? You know loads about the brain and the nervous system, well done!

Not bad, but you could do better! Have another go and see what else you've learned about the brain and nervous system!

Uh oh! Looks like you're a bit brainless! Have another go and see if you improve!

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