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How High Can You Score In This Terry Pratchett Quiz?

Do you reckon you're the biggest fan of Sir Terry's fantastical imagination? See if you can score a perfect ten!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 5th 2024

Sir Terry Pratchett is still one of the most successful British authors in the world! He wrote so much there's a good chance you haven't read it all yet - but this quiz will be a keen test of eveyrthing you've picked up so far! See how high you can score - we believe in you! We've got more quizzes to scratch your reading itch too - see how well you know Marcus Sedgwick, or find out which book character you should dress up as!

1/10 Sir Terry Pratchett
WheelerCentre |

What was Terry Pratchett's job?

2/10 A woman holding a frying pan

What is the name of the heroine in his most famous series for kids?

3/10 A scientifically inaccurate image of Earth, shaped like a disc

What's the name of the huge fantasy world he created?

4/10 A witch and a cat

What is Tiffany Aching training to be?

5/10 A fancy pen writing on parchment

How old was Terry when he wrote The Carpet People, his first published book?

6/10 Mysterious creatures in a castle room

What are the creatures in the Bromeliad trilogy called?

7/10 A statue pointing into the distance

Which historical event do Johnny and his friends travel to in Johnny and the Bomb?

8/10 A dog sitting in a park

True or false - Terry loved video games!

9/10 Dodger | Terry Pratchett
Dodger | Terry Pratchett | Paul Kidby | Doubleday Children's

Which writer inspired the character of Dodger?

10/10 Terry Pratchett and a person disguised with an emoji
Trinity College Dublin |

Which author collaborated with Terry for the book Good Omens?

Result: Uh oh

Oops - looks like you need to learn a thing or two about this master of literature! Don't worry - it's all a learning curve, and learning is fun!

Result: Not bad

Not bad at all - you know a thing or two about Pratchett and his works! Well done! We bet you can do better though - why not try again and see?

Result: Great job

Great work - you're a fan of Sir Terry's work and there's no denying it! Well done! But can you get a perfect score next time? Why not try again and see!

Result: Top score

Wow - you are THE expert on Terry Pratchett and all of his work - well done! You deserve some sort of crown!