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Test Your Knowledge on Whales Quiz

Think you know whales? Think again! We've compiled this expert level whale quiz! It's time to take this test and see what you WHALEY know! Bon voyage!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 13th 2022

We've think you'll have a whale of a time with this quiz! Test your knowledge on these sea giants and SEA how much you know! And if you liked this, there's more animal quizzes here! Or how about this roar-some dinosaur quiz? And if you need some horse power, we've got this ultimate horse quiz too!

1/10 Narwhal whale with Beano crab and tentacles

What sort of animal is a whale?

2/10 Belgua whale in space with splats

Which of these is NOT a type of whale?

3/10 Very big whale with giraffe and arrow

What's the biggest whale?

4/10 Sea creatures background with graffiti question marks

What is krill?

5/10 Teeth with splat and arrow

What is a baleen whale?

Please add image credits here

6/10 Which of these is a fin whale?

7/10 Two killer whales with splat

True or false; Killer whales aren't actually whales?

8/10 Whale tail and smiley dolphin

How far do Humpback whales travel every year when they migrate?

9/10 Whale with derpy panda in its mouth

Whales are...

10/10 What and baby whale with arrow

What is a baby whale called?

Whale Fail Result

Uh oh, looks like you need to go back to (fish) school! Have another go and see if you can get any more whale facts!

Try again result

Not bad, but we know you can do better! Have another go and we'll see how WHALE you do! (Geddit?!)

Whale Done Result

Nice work! You must love whales, and it shows! You've got nearly full marks! But can you do even better? Have another go and see!

Amazing Result

Incredible! Are you some sort of whale expert? Either way, you've nailed this whale quiz and you deserve some delicious krill to celebrate! Or some normal human food, maybe.