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Stupid TV: That Awkward Moment When… You Think Someone is Waving at You

We've all been there. You think someone is waving at you, so you wave back. BUT THEN YOU REALISE... they were waving at someone else! Cringe!

If it’s happened to you before, you’ll probably remember it! In this video Emma discusses a very embarrassing situation. She thought she saw her friend coming along the street so waved at him… only it wasn’t her friend! 

Emma discusses her experience and explains how she thinks she’ll never be able to wave again… will she be able to get over the embarrassment? Watch the video now to find out!

The 5 Stages of an Awkward Wave


You think you’ve spotted a friend

Sloth slowly smiling


You give them your biggest, most excited wave

Friendly monster waving lots of arms


You realise they’re not waving at you!

Zooming into a fox who is realising something


You might go bright red, or just run away… there’s no easy way to style it out

Armadillo curling up into a ball

You’re Over It!

You realise there’s nothing you can do and decide that it doesn’t really matter – wave at whoever you want!

Dog relaxing in dressing gown

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