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That Girl Lay Lay Legends Only Quiz!

There are fewer surprises than a digital avatar coming to life, especially singing ones! But can you surprise the world with a 100% quiz result?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 21st 2023

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to and that’s how That Girl Lay Lay came to be! But have you got the top tier knowledge to beat a quiz all about this amazing TV show? There is only one place and way to find out, and that’s with this totally legendary Lay Lay quiz! So what are you waiting for?! Lay-t’s gooooo!

1/10 A woman surrounded by question marks

What was Lay Lay before she was a human?

2/10 A man dressed in a naval military costume next to a pigeon

What is one of Lay Lay’s special powers?

3/10 A desk full of paperwork while a racoon looks shocked

What happens to Lay Lay if she gets overworked?

4/10 An arrow pointing to a member of the That Girl Lay Lay cast, alongside a water buffalo with big horns
WP | Nickelodeon

Who is Lay Lay’s best friend?

5/10 A person thinking about answers and surrounded by yellow question marks

What is Sadie’s mother’s name?

6/10 A person thinking with a map as a background

Where does Sadie pretend that Lay Lay is from?

7/10 A cat fishing in a sunny harbour – they've got all the gear on. A dolphin pokes its head out of the sea to give a friendly smile

What club do they join?

8/10 A cast member of That Girl Lay Lay
WP | Nickelodeon

What is the name of the popular girl at school?

9/10 A scene from That Girl Lay Lay
WP | Nickelodeon

Who does Sadie pretend to be to stop Lay Lay getting expelled?

10/10 A llama and an actor from That Girl Lay Lay

What is Sadie’s brother’s name?

Result: Uh oh
WP | Nickelodeon

Uh oh! Not quite your finest quiz moment! Maybe you need your own Lay Lay to get you through, afterall, what quiz wouldn’t be easier if you had a helping hand to stop time for you! Why not have another go and see if you can do better, or maybe even try out one of the other amazing quizzes on the site?

Result: Nice
WP | Nickelodeon

Nice! Not bad at all, you’ve got a great knowledge of the wonderful world of Lay Lay and it shows! You’ve been paying attention to the show - but we think you could probably do even better! Why not give it another try and see if you can get 100% right?

Result: High score
WP | Nickelodeon

Alright! Now we’re really getting somewhere! You’re so close to being the Lay Lay expert! Why not have one last go and see if you can get full marks! Just be careful that Principal Willingham doesn’t think you’re cheating, nobody wants to get sent to the Principal's office after all! Well done!

Result: Full marks
WP | Nickelodeon

Incredible! Have you got your own Lay Lay feeding you the answers secretly? No? We figured that getting 100% was impossible, but you’ve proven us wrong! You’re a real Lay Lay style genius, great work! Enjoy the glory, you’re top of the class! Why not have another go at some of the other quizzes on the site and see if you can smash them too? What have you got to lose?