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The 11 Best Marvel Comic Characters

The greatest heroes from the Marvel universe!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 14th 2017


When Peter Parker was bitten on the hand by a radioactive spider, he developed super-human strength. Calling himself Spider-Man, he uses his gift to fight crime. Amazing!Look out for: Shooting webs and spider-like agility Strength: 8 Overall Epicness: 10


Captain America

Steve Rogers was injected with a special soldier serum to become an American one-man army. Like Spider-Man, he uses his incredible powers for good!Look out for: Amazing running speed and his vibranium-steel alloy shield Strength: 9 Epicness: 8



James Howlett was born with super senses and the ability to heal quickly. He was taken by a secret organisation and turned into a fighting machine Known for his exceptional fighting skills, he is a member of the Avengers and the X-Men and has amazing sideburns.Look out for: His unbreakable skeleton, Adamantium claws and the ability to heal quickly Strength: 9 Epicness: 9



This warrior is the Norse god of thunder and lightning! Fun fact: his huge hammer is called Mjolnir!Look out for: His massive hammer and incredible strength Strength: 10 Epicness: 9



While trying to save someone's life, Dr. Bruce Banner – a skilled nuclear scientist – was hit by a gamma bomb explosion and gained amazing strength which grows when he gets really angry. Fun fact: when he first appeared as a Marvel character, he was grey instead of green.Look out for: His ability to break a building in half and bad temper! Strength: 11 Epicness: 10, especially if you need anything thrown over the moon



Jessica Drew gained powerful strength after being poisoned by uranium. Her father tried to treat her with a special spider potion and accidentally created Spider-Woman. She can lift over 7 tons and stun her enemies with a 'venom blast'!Look out for: Electricity control and blast power Strength: 8 Epicness: 8


Professor X

Charles Francis Xavier is the founding member of the X-Men and can read thoughts and control people's minds!Look out for: The ability to read minds and make objects move with his mind Strength: 7 Epicness: 9


Iron Man

Billionaire businessman Tony Stark was captured by his enemies and was forced to build a powerful weapon. Instead, he created a suit of armour and escaped. Like all good superheroes, he uses his skills – and gadgets thanks to a big bank account – to protect the world. Nice one!Look out for: More gadgets you can shake a stick at, including his suit of flying armour Strength: 9 Epicness: 10



After Ben Grimm was exposed to high levels of radiation, he was transformed into a big rock-like um, thing. He possesses super-human strength and first appeared in the debut issue of the Fantastic Four in 1961! He literally rocks.Look out for: His indestructible body and the dreaded vibration wave  Strength: 10  Epicness: 9


Luke Cage

Jailed for a crime he did not commit, he developed unbreakable skin and amazing strength following a prison experiment. Now a free man, he fights for justice! He's appeared in over 2500 comics!Look out for: Super-human stamina, agility, accelerated healing Strength: 9 Epicness: 8


Black Widow

Natasha Romanova is a skilful spy and athlete. Once an enemy of the Avengers, she's now a S.H.I.E.L.D agent!Look out for: Her super-human athletic skills and reflexes Strength: 7 Epicness: 8