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Slime Hacks – The 5 Tips You Need To Know!

The 5 slime hacks you need to know to make your slime even more awesome!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2018

1. Use a straw to blow bubbles in your slime!

Grab any plastic straw and carefully insert it into the base of your slime. Start to blow air into the slime and watch a bubble slowly begin appear. Don't rush as your slime bubble might burst!

Wengie | YouTube

2. If your slime isn’t very stretchy or slimey, try adding moisturiser!

Sometimes, your slime may feel a bit dry and begin to break off. You can fix this easily by getting some moisturiser and carefully adding a few dollops. Work it through the slime and it'll be as good as new!

Wengie | YouTube

3. Use felt tips to dye your slime different colours!

You can change the colour of your slime quite easily by using a felt tip. Just draw any shape and colour it in, then fold the slime a few times and it'll begin to change colourFor multi-coloured slime, use lots of different pens!

Joseph Anthonii | YouTube

4. If you get slime on your clothes, don’t panic!

You can easily remove slime by going to the bathroom and getting a bottle of hair conditioner. Put a few dollops on the area, rub it into the material and rinse. Boom – no more slime!

andreaXandrea | YouTube

5. You can make a really quick and easy slime!

To make your own slime, all you need is some shampoo and a small amount of salt. Just stir it together!

JSHdiy | YouTube