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The 7 Best Git Up Challenges!

Need some inspiration for your own dance moves? You should check out TikTok's Git Up challenge!

TikTok has taught us so much.

We’ve had the Yeehaw Challenge which gave us Old Town Road.

The Mua Mua Challenge, which was just a lot of fun.

And most recently we’ve had the Git Up Challenge.

If you don’t know what the Git Up Challenge is, then where have been? Living under a rock? (If the answer to this is: yes, then we apologise, you’re probably a frog or a newt, so you’d be forgiven for not being up on your TikTok).

Anyway, the Git Up Challenge is inspired by the Blanco Brown song The Git Up and sees TikTok challengers attempt to do the Git Up dance in a variety of settings and with varying degrees of success. Some are funny, some are awesome but all are totally TikTok!

So if you need some inspiration for your own dance moves, you need to check out the Git Up challenge!

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