The Best April Fool's Pranks Ever

Some of the best hoaxes of all time!

Left-handed burgers

In 1998 a well-known fast-food restaurant announced they had started selling left-handed burgers. 

These were meant to be exactly the same as normal burgers, but the sauce was rotated for people who write left-handed. A lot of people fell for it and tried to order them!

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Instant colour TV

On April Fool's Day 1962 a Swedish TV channel played a great prank

Their "technical expert" announced that stretching a stocking over your TV set would turn it from black and white to colour

Thousands of people all ran about cutting up their stockings and taping them to their TVs... only to discover it was just a joke. Bah!

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Floating in midair

In 1976 a famous astronomer claimed that on April Fool's day Jupiter was going to move, which would change gravity on Earth for a short time

He said that if you jumped at exactly the right moment, you would experience a weird floating feeling. Amazingly, lots of people did it and said they felt it! 

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Spaghetti trees

In 1957 the BBC tricked everyone into thinking that spaghetti was grown on trees! 

They made a news report showing the "spaghetti harvest" in Switzerland and how good weather had led to a bumper crop. Lots of people believed it - and probably felt very silly afterwards!

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Digital Big Ben

The BBC played another prank and announced that London's Big Ben was going digital. Also they were selling the clock arms to whoever wanted them.

Lots of people believed this one - and the BBC had to apologise! Oops.

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