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The Gravy Teabag Prank

Brew up some mischief with a mug of ewww

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 3rd 2016

You will need

- A teabag- Sticky tape- Gravy granules- A piece of paper (or funnel)- A pair of scissors- And some help from a grown up! 

Step 1

Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut a small hole in a teabag 

And pour out the tea leaves

Step 2

Make a funnel by rolling up the piece of paper into a tube

Step 3

Poke the end of the funnel into the teabag

Now pour gravy granules into the funnel, so it fills the teabag up. Don't overfill it though, or it won't look realistic!

Step 4

Tape over the hole with a small piece of tape...and you're done!


Now just hide the teabag back where you found it, and next time an adult goes to make a cuppa... YUK!!

This might need a biscuit to go with it...or maybe a roast dinner!

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