The Best Creations on LEGO Masters!

Channel 4's new LEGO show is awesome - check out the best things built on it!

LEGO Masters is Channel 4's new show about some of the best brick-smiths in the world!

It's on Thursday nights at 8pm

Richard Osman high-fiving on LEGO Masters
Image by YouTube | Channel 4

It's a bit like Masterchef... but with LEGO! Putting the "inedible" into "incredible"...

There's some really, really amazing stuff being made on it!

Awesome LEGO creation
Image by YouTube | Channel 4

The first episode was banquet-themed, and had some awesomely brick-tastic furniture and fake food, like this animal-themed throne and buffet

This was made by kid contestants Jonathan and Arthur

Jonathan and Arthur's animal feast on LEGO Masters
Image by Channel 4 | YouTube

Contestants Nate and Steve made this awesome Chinese banquet!

The pile of "seaweed" is a particularly nice touch!

Nate and Steve's Chinese banquet on LEGO Masters
Image by Channel 4 | YouTube

This was Jade and Michael's awesome fruit-filled royal feast!

Again, though, do not try eating LEGO. There's no nutritional value.

Jade and Michaela's fruity meal on LEGO Masters
Image by Channel 4 | YouTube

And Guy and Abraham went for a zero-gravity, space-based tea party!

They're LEGO Master-onauts!

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