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The Best Outdoor Games to Play This Summer

When the sun's out, there's always something good to do outside, so what are you waiting for? Go play!

Summer’s here!

Well, almost, but there’s still no excuse to be staying inside.

So while the weather’s nice, what are going to do?

Well, if you’re short of ideas, we’ve got some great outdoor games you can play or if you’d prefer to do something more boring, we’ve got some ideas for that, too…


It’s like Hide and Seek but with more intense.And if you add some water balloons? Well, then that takes Manhunt to a whole new level of crazy…

Wrecko Productions | YouTube

The Floor is Lava

When it’s hot outside, you might as well get a bit hotter, right?And what’s hotter than a floor full of lava?

Sis Vs Bro | YouTube

Hide and Seek

It’s a classic game which is always fun, but if you want to give things a tech-twist, just add drones!It makes hiding much harder!

Tanner Braungat | YouTube

Fort Building

If you’re a Fortnite fan, you’ll be good at building bases already.So why not try doing it in real life?

Survival Lilly | YouTube


When the summer strikes, there’s no better way to cool down than with an epic water fight!Just make sure you don’t turn up unprepared…

The Warp Zone | YouTube

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