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The Biggest Pants in the World

You can fit a lot of stuff in these pants!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 1st 2017

It's a new world record!

To celebrate the new Captain Underpants movie, the film makers have made this GIGANTIC pair of pants In fact they're so big they've broken the Guinness world record for the biggest pair of pants... Ever!

Twitter | @goodmovies4kids

At 23.44 metres wide and 13.91 metres high, these pants have a total volume of…*drumroll*:...6,330 cubic metres!

That's big enough to fit... 4 massive whales!

A huge pool!

(So the whales have somewhere to swim)

A LOT of fidget spinners!

A whole football team!


And a few elephants (+a bit)