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The Blamtastic Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed Dictionary!

What's blam? What does a guffdonkey do? And what does 'earn your stripes' mean? Find out here!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 5th 2018


'Blam' means awesome, excellent, or epic!Like, 'Grizzly Griller grabbing that grumpy, venomous snake by the neck was totally blam!'


If you want to be epic like Dennis, you've got to get creative. That means upgrading your imagination to 'blamagination' - once you've done that, you'll be the kind of kid who can smuggle his pet dog into school by disguising him as a backpack, or save Beanotown from a zom-pea invasion.

Blamazing, blamtatistic, blam to the max!

Awesome, incredible, epic, and perfect - these words describe the feeling of pulling off the perfect skate trick, the biggest prank, or scoring the best goals. Basically, any day in the life of Dennis!

Earn your stripes

Want to be a friends with Dennis and the gang? First you've got to earn your stripes by doing something awesome. Once you've earned your stripes, you can design your very own communicator badge, and  hang out in the den with the rest f the gang!

Smell ya later

A blam way to say goodbye to your friends (and sometimes your enemies)! It's also essential to say this when you prank someone with a stink bomb or whoopee cushion.


Only the best pranksters can call themselves a Prankmaster! Everybody wants to be a Prankmaster, but only the very best could ever hope to become Prankmaster General, the ultimate prank authority.Prankmaster is the ultimate title for any kid at Bash Street School.


This is the opposite of a prankmaster - you don't want to be called a shady trickster! Pranks should be fun for everybody, but tricking someone is way less cool.


Ever done something silly, like putting dog food in the washing machine, and giving your dirty shirts to Gnasher? Well, the reason you did it is... Guffbrains.  

Total guffdonkey

Total guffdonkeys are selfish and boring, and will always have to apologise to their mates for their behaviour.


No-one knows what it means, that's just how Gnasher talks!