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The Dragon Prince Quiz - Can You Save Xadia?

The World of Xadia is in trouble, people are fighting each other everywhere! Do you know enough about this show to bring peace? Let’s find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 8th 2023

Sometimes the real victory comes through peace - so why not test your knowledge of this amazing show and see if you and your quizzing brain can bring happiness back to Xadia! The Dragon Prince is a wonderful story, full of some of the best characters ever written, but is your memory up to the challenge?! Grab that quiz egg and let’s go on an adventure!

1/10 lost owl man

Where does the story take place?

2/10 the moon with sunglasses

Which of these is NOT a type of magic?

3/10 raccoon looking at a lock

Who has the keys to Aaravos’ prison?

4/10 King Harrow looking serious
Wonderstorm | Netflix

Where is King Harrow from?

5/10 a small woman looking at the moon

When is moon magic strongest?

6/10 Moonshadow Elves from Dragon Prince shown on an old TV set
Wonderstorm | Netflix

Where do the Moonshadow Elves live?

7/10 Dragon Prince character drawing a sword
Wonderstorm | Netflix

What type of Elf is Janai?

8/10 A woman thinks

What does the Curso Pendiculum spell do?

9/10 A fancy looking egg with braces

Who protects the egg of The Dragon Prince?

10/10 A fictional map of Xadia
Wonderstorm | Netflix

What is the climate of Del Bar?

Wonderstorm | Netflix

Oh dear! Ok, this hasn’t gone that well, the Dragon Egg has fallen into the wrong hands! But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost! Why not take a deep breath and see if you can do better a second time round? We think that you’ve got it in you, take heart and let’s give it another go!

Wonderstorm | Netflix

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere, Xadia needs heroes like you! You’ve scored well here, but we think that you could still probably do better, the world isn’t free from anger and disaster just yet! Grab that egg and let’s try again, we’re sure that you’ve got it in you, the world is relying on you!

Wonderstorm | Netflix

Epic! Great score! You know almost everything that there is to know about this amazing show, from the characters all the way to the little bits of the story that most fans have forgotten about! You’ve scored about 80% right, but do you think that you could do better? With the power of all the magics in your hands we think you can, so why not have one last try! You’ve got this!

Wonderstorm | Netflix

Amazing! You’ve scored 100% right! Well done! You know everything that is worth knowing about The Dragon Prince! Ryla and Ezran would be proud of you! You’ve clearly got what it takes to save Xadia from doom, phew - it was getting pretty close there! Why not check out of the other quizzes on the site and see if you can ace them too?