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The Ultimate Brighton and Hove Albion FC Quiz

Take this football quiz to find out how much you know about Brighton and Hove Albion FC!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 5th 2022

So let your voices ring, my boys, and take the time from me. And I’ll sing you a song as we march along of Sussex by the Sea - which incidentally is where you’ll find the awesome Brighton and Hove Albion. How much do you know about this awesome footballing side? Then try out The Essential Football Stadium Quiz! or discover How Well Do You Know Obscure Football Trivia?

1/10 A selection of sports balls

What sport do Brighton and Hove Albion play?


2/10 What colour (apart from white) do Brighton play in?

3/10 A footballer in blue socks with their boot on a ball

What is the name of the Brighton stadium?


4/10 What bird is on the Brighton and Hove Albion badge?

5/10 A football fan celebrating next to a big blue question mark

Brighton and Hove Albion have won the FA Cup!

6/10 A football fan celebrating a cup win!

Brighton and Hove Albion have won the Premier League!

7/10 A football fan watching a game in their living room

Brighton and Hove Albion have won the EFL Championship!


8/10 What nationality is Brighton star Leandro Trossard?

9/10 Two children wrestling over a football

Who are Brighton’s fiercest rivals?


What do Brighton Hove Albion and a biscuit have in common?

Result: Own goal

OWN GOAL! What a howler! Have you considered trying out for Crystal Palace? Have another go to see if you can do a little bit better next time!

Result: Not bad!

NOT BAD! Not a bad performance but you’ll struggle to keep your place in the awesome Brighton and Hove Albion side! Have another go to see if you can do a little better!

Result: Goal!

GOAL! What a strike. Have another go to see if you can push on to win the league for Brighton and Hove Albion!

Result: Champions

You’ve won the league! You are a Brighton and Hove Albion legend. Free fish and chips for life and the seagulls definitely won’t try to steal them!