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The French Bake Off Halloween Episode is TERRIFYING!

The French Bake Off had a special Halloween episode and the bakers all made super spooky cakes and pastries! Which bake do you think is the scariest?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 31st 2017

First, the bakers had the technical challenge. They had to make WITCHES FINGERS!!

Have you ever seen anything more disgusting?!

Then it was time for the Halloween showstoppers and the bakers did not hold back by making their bakes as horrible as possible!

One baker used ACTUAL BUGS!

Don't worry, he covered them in caramel so they're probably delicious...

The baker then HID the bugs inside this yummy looking cake!

And the judges ATE IT!!!!!!!!!!

One baker made a coffin filled with fake maggots!

Another contestant opted for a colourful skull

This TERRIFYING bake was definitely a show stopper

This black cat cake actually looks tasty!

This cake had EYES in it!!

This cake looked like someone had just had a disaster!

Basically, the cakes were all terrifying and Paul would not have been happy!

Great British Bake Off | BBC