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Hardest NBA Logo Quiz

Ready to test your NBA knowledge? Then check out our awesome NBA logo quiz! Answer these epic questions and see how many you can identify!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 25th 2022

Are you the ultimate NBA fan? Then we've got the quiz for you! Test yourself and see how many logos you recognise! And if you liked this, we've got more sports quizzes to get your teeth into! Or how about testing your knowledge on the game itself with this Basketball Quiz! Or how about finding out if you're the ultimate NBA fan with our NBA Quiz!

1/10 NBA Logo

Who's logo is this?

2/10 NBA Logo

What about this one?

Please add image credits here

3/10 Which one of these is the Chicago Bulls?

4/10 Unicorn farting a rainbow with question mark on yellow background

What is the mythical creature on the Boston Celtics logo?

5/10 NBA Logo

True or false: this is the current logo for the Indiana Pacers?

6/10 NBA Logo

Which team is this?

7/10 Pelican with yellow splat on blue background

Which team's logo has a pelican?

8/10 NBA Logo

Which team is this?


9/10 Which of these is the Philadelphia 76ers?

10/10 Smiley wasp with arrow on red background

What animal is in the Charlotte team's logo?

Fail result

Nooo, looks like you won't get a job as official NBA logo recogniser! Although that's partly because that's not a real job. Try again!

Try again result

You got a couple, but we know can do better! Have another go and see if you can recognise any more logos!

Well done result

Well done! This is a tricky quiz, and you've scored pretty high! But can you score even higher? Have another go and see if you can recognise any more NBA logos!

Awesome result

Wow, incredible! You know more about NBA logos than anyone else! Except maybe the NBA! Go and play some basketball to celebrate!