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20 Question Beauxbatons Houses Quiz!

Which Beauxbaton's house do you belong to? Take our ultimate quiz all about the Wizarding world and find out whether you belong in Bellefeuille, Papillonlisse or Ombrelune!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 29th 2022

Beauxbaton's Academy has three houses - but which one do you belong to? Take this magical quiz and find out where you belong! Will you be a Bellefeuille, a Papillonlisse or an Omrelune? It's all down to you! Good luck! And we've got more sorting quizzes here, an ultimate Hagrid quiz here and even more Harry Potter quizzes here!

1/20 Beano phoenix on stone background

Choose a member of the order of the Phoenix

2/20 Lyon with yellow Beano splat

Choose a city in France

3/20 Beano mermaid and werewolf on cloudy background

Choose a mythical French animal

4/20 Tate Tatin with heart eyes emoji

Choose a French dish

5/20 Potions bottles and question marks

How good are you at potions?

6/20 Joan of arc figure in field

Choose a famous French muggle

7/20 Harry Potter House shields on stone background

Choose a Hogwarts house

8/20 Cryptex, wand and quill on parchment with candle

Choose a wizarding career

9/20 Magical creatures on magic background

Choose an Ilvermorny house

10/20 Harry potato on broom on book background

Who would you support at the Quidditch world cup?

11/20 Smiling witch with spellbook and magic Beano wand

How good are you at charms?

12/20 Open book with yellow splat and question mark on paper background

Choose a motto

13/20 Rainbow unicorn on magical background

Choose an animal

14/20 Beano Voldemort balloon and evil looking witch on smoky background

Choose a female villain

15/20 Jasmine flowers with eyes and arrow

Choose a flower

16/20 Harpy and Sirius on magic background

What would you rather be?

17/20 Screaming Beano cat and woman stretching next to water

How athletic are you?


18/20 Choose a colour scheme

19/20 Ginny and Neville potatoes with question mark on library background

Choose a character

20/20 Blue butterfly with goofy eyes on blue background with dandelion

Choose a symbol

Bellefeuille Result


You're in Bellefeuille! Bellefeuille house colours are soft green and white, and the house symbol is a leaf. Your house motto is; 'Don't worry about what can be done today when there is always tomorrow.' Pupils in this house are typically sensitive, book smart and hard working. You're also a realist who uses logic, and are skilled with your hands!

Papillonlisse Result


You're in Papillonlisse! Papillonlisse house colours are purple and blue, and the house symbol is a butterfly. The house motto is 'No day but today'. Pupils in this house are naturally artistic and creative, and value beauty highly. They can sometimes have their heads in the clouds, but they also bring passion and devotion to their work.

Ombrelune Result


You're in Ombrelune! Ombrelune house colours are grey and navy, and the house symbol is a moon. Your house motto is 'The end justifies the means.' Ombrelune pupils are characteristically cunning, clever and have a passion for learning. They are considered quite ambitious and have a passion for learning.