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The How Much Do You Love Music Quiz

Find out how much you love music (in case you didn’t already know!)

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 16th 2022

Everybody loves music right? WRONG! Some people really hate it, and just in case you don’t know whether you like music or not, here’s a little quiz to help you find out. Please give a round of applause and a respectful silence for our amazing (and slightly pointless) The How Much Do You Like Music Quiz! If you like this quiz, take our quiz about musicians in the comedy drama Julie and the Phantoms.


Do you like the birds singing?


Can you appreciate Bagpiping?


What do you do in the band?


Finish this Shakespeare quote: “If music be the food of love…”


What instrument do you admire the most?


Complete the sentence: “Music makes…”


Where do you sing?


Pick something a wind instrument that makes the most satisfying noise!


Can you read music?


Do you really LOVE music?

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You LOVE Music

You love music more than anything. If music was a person you’d be it‘s BFF!

You REALLY like music!

You really like music. You probably listen to music at least seven times a day!


Friend: Would you like to listen to some music? You: I don’t mind either way. This exciting conversation is YOUR life!

You hate music!

You really HATE music. How can someone hate music? It’s easy - especially when all music made ever is AWFUL!